Making a New Home at Countryside Manor of Bristol

Making a New Home at Countryside Manor of Bristol

BRISTOL, C.T. — Evelyn M. was at home one day when she had to utilize her Life Alert due to a fall. She was taken to the hospital and eventually discharged and admitted into Countryside Manor of Bristol in January 2020.

It was a familiar center to the family as Evelyn’s husband was currently living at Countryside.

Despite that, Evelyn was not happy to be away from home. She would attend therapy sessions to improve her strength, but that’s about it. Evelyn didn’t participate in social events or socialize much with others. Months of therapy was helping, but she was still unable to return home. Eventually, Evelyn decided it was time to get comfortable at the skilled nursing facility.

One-on-one visits were her preferred form of socialization at first. She then began to take part in group activities. Today, she has become an inspiration to many residents and encourages them to take part in the activities and events as well. She was elected vice-president of the Resident Council, taking the “job” seriously. Evelyn notes attending and participating in the programming has helped her with her mind, body, and spiritual connections. She has even held a singing bowl, now called The Evelyn Bowl.

“I am so happy that she is involved and around people. She is not lonely and I never have to worry about her when I am home. I am glad for her VP position so that she feels empowered in regards to her surroundings and if an issue concerns her. This position gives her control over her life,” Evelyn’s daughter, Karen, said.

Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Katheryn Richard, notes Evelyn is a “delight” to have at the center “with her smile, her wit, and her compassion to residents and staff.”

Evelyn has happily adjusted to life at Countryside Manor of Bristol and has been able to do things she never thought she would have such as oil painting, virtual bowling, meditation, and much more. She was even elected Homecoming Queen and has represented the center at the VOICES forum, an annual event made up of Connecticut nursing home Resident Councils.

She is now flourishing at the center thanks to support from peers and loved ones.

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